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Mar 5, 2014

Rochester Schottische (aka Walkin' in the Parlor)

Here's a tune "Rochester Schottische" aka "Walkin' in the Parlor" that was recorded at the March 4th jam.
From The Fiddler's Companion:
ROCHESTER SCHOTTISCHE [1]. AKA and see "Patrick County Blues," "Walking in the Parlor [2]." Old‑Time, Breakdown. USA; North Carolina, Virginia. D Major. ADae or Standard tuning. AB (Silberberg): AABB (most versions). Irregular parts (each has 10 measures rather than the usual eight), and it is played as a breakdown. Tommy Jarrell's "Rochester Schottische" is not a schottische at all, much less the "Rochester Schottishe" found in older collections in North America (which even some Southern fiddlers have occasionally picked up from these sources). Barry Poss (1976) suggests that "Rochester Schottische" was played at one time in the Round Peak (N.C.) area, but that the title became detached from the melody, and, as a "floater," became attached to this tune. Similarly, the alternate title, "Walkin' in the Parlor," can be found in the South in numerous versions, though all seem dissimilar to this tune of Tommy Jarrell's.