Next Jam - Occtober 3rd, 2017, 7-9pm.

Sep 6, 2017

Good tunes & rhythm from the September Jam!

Rhythm with his Stumpf fiddle!

Tunes from the September Jam

  1. West Fork Gals - D
  2. Mississippi Sawyer - D
  3. Kitchen Girl - Amix/Ador
  4. Over the Waterfall - D
  5. Ducks on the Pond - D
  6. Redwing - G
  7. Tennessee Waltz - G
  8. Flop Eared Mule - D/A
  9. Tater Patch - A
  10. Pretty Little Dog - A
  11. Cold Frosty - Amix
  12. Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap - Amix
  13. Arkansas Traveler - D
  14. Sweeping the Town - D
  15. Pig Ankle Rag - D
  16. Petronella - D
  17. Altamont - C?
  18. Angeline the Baker - D
  19. Spotted Pony - D
  20. Quince Dillon High D - D
  21. Soldier's Joy - D
  22. Folding Down the Sheets - D
  23. Yellow Barber - D
  24. East Tennessee Blues - C
  25. Farewell Trion - C
  26. Turkey in the Straw - G

Aug 22, 2017

Cherry River Line

Such a great lonesome tune!


Well it's Lonesome down here
It's lonesome all the time
It's lonesome down here 
On this Cherry River line

Told my little girl
Told her all I can
I'll find me another woman
You can get you another man

Now she's gone away
She left me here to leave
Some other runner's daughter 
In the middle of her week

Where'd you get those high-top shoes
And the dress you wear so fine
I got the shoes from a railroad man
And the dress from a driver in the mine

Well it's Lonesome down here
It's lonesome all the time
It's lonesome down here 
On this Cherry River line

Jul 27, 2017

Say Darlin' Say

I'd say this is my favorite version of this tune!

Jun 6, 2017

Walnut Gap

My favorite pick for the evening! "Walnut Gap", key of G  Thanks Jim, for the suggestion.

  Tunes from June 6th
  1. Fort Smith - G
  2. Possum Up a Gum Stump - G
  3. Colored Aristocracy - G
  4. Seneca Square Dance - G
  5. Walnut Gap - G
  6. Flowers of Edinburgh G
  7. Wildwood Flower - C
  8. Hard Times - G
  9. Big Scioty - G
  10. Mole in the Ground
  11. Lost Indian - G
  12. Old Mother Flanagan - A
  13. Cold Frosty Morning - Amix
  14. Pretty Little Dog - Am
  15. Little Rabbit - A
  16. Midnight on the Water - D
  17. Tennessee Waltz - D
  18. Soldier's Joy - D
  19. Valley Forge - D
  20. Ruffled Drawers - D
  21. Little Maggie - G
  22. Over the Waterfall - D
  23. Possum's Tail is Bare - D
  24. Shenandoah Falls - A
  25. Quince Dillon's High D - D
  26. Barlow Knife - D
  27. Golden Slippers - G

Apr 14, 2017

3 Tunes!

 Billy in the Lowground, Folding Down the Sheets & Greasy Coat


Apr 4, 2017

Tunes from April 4th
  1. Spotted Pony - G (yes, Ami played this in G)
  2. Step Around Johnny - D
  3. Sadie at the Back Door - D
  4. Mississippi Sawyer - D
  5. Flop Eared Mule - D/A
  6. Over the Waterfall - D
  7. Rakes of Mallow - G
  8. When You and I Were Young, Maggie - G
  9. Seneca Square Dance - G
  10. Fly Around Pretty Little Miss - D
  11. Quince Dillon's High D - D
  12. Turkey in the Straw - G
  13. Bound to Have a Little Fun - G
  14. Walkin' in My Sleep - G
  15. Shove the Pigs Foot - G
  16. Petronella - D
  17. Soldier's Joy - D
  18. Midnight on the Water - D
  19. Horse and Buggy O - A
  20. Old Joe Clark - A
  21. Sandy Boys - A
  22. June Apple - A
  23. Jackie Tar - Em
  24. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms - A
  25. Sail Away Ladies - a
  26. Billy in the Lowground - C
  27. Texas Gales - C
  28. Ruffled Drawers - D
  29. Kitchen Girl - A
  30. Whiskey Before Breakfast - D
  31. Paddy on a Handcar - Em
  32. Red Wing - G

Mar 9, 2017

Picks from March Jam

  1. Angeline the Baker - D
  2. Barlow Knife - D
  3. East Tennessee Blues - C
  4. Fisher’s Hornpipe - D
  5. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss -D
  6. Folding Down the Sheets - D
  7. Hard Times
  8. Jackie Tar - Em
  9. La Nuit Blance
  10. Little Billy Wilson -A
  11. Marching Through Georgia - G
  12. Midnight on the Water - D
  13. Mississippi Sawyer - D
  14. Old Mother Flanagan - A
  15. Over the Waterfall - D
  16. Porter’s Reel - D
  17. Possum’s Tail is Bare - D
  18. Red Wing - G
  19. Ruffled Drawers -D
  20. Sadie at the Back Door - Dmix
  21. Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes -D
  22. Soldier’s Joy - D
  23. Staten Island Hornpipe D
  24. Tennessee Waltz
  25. Valley Forge - D

Feb 8, 2017

Walking in My Sleep

Great tune, I love this version!

Jan 4, 2017

January 3rd Playlist

Thanks Ginny for the video clip of Little Billy Wilson!

Tune list from the January jam, at least the one's I remembered to write down!
  1. Old Mother Flanagan - A 
  2. June Apple - A 
  3. Mississippi Sawyer - D 
  4. Hard Times - G 
  5. Seneca Square Dance (aka Waiting for the Federals) G 
  6. Petronella - D 
  7. Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes - D 
  8. Little Billy Wilson - A 
  9. Wimbah Rag - D 
  10. Folding Down the Sheets - D 
  11. Little Rabbit - A 
  12. Walkin' in My Sleep - G
  13. Golden Slippers - G 
  14. Possum's Tail is Bare - D 
  15. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine - D 
  16. Ruffled Drawers - D 
  17. Devil Ate the Groundhog - G 
  18. Fort Smith - G
  19. Christmas Day Ida Mornin' - D
  20. Hen's March to the Midden - D 
  21. 8th of January - D

Dec 6, 2016

Jam Playlist for December 2016

Here's our tune list from tonight's jam 12/6/16 minus a few holiday tunes thrown in for fun!
  1. Mississippi Sawyer - D
  2. Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes - D
  3. Folding Down the Sheets - D
  4. Over the Waterfall - D
  5. Old Joe Clark - Amix
  6. Flop Eared Mule - D/A
  7. Red Haired Boy - A
  8. Pretty Little Dog - A
  9. Cold Frosty Morning - Amix
  10. West Fork Gals - D
  11. Turkey Foot - D
  12. Greasy Coat - Ador
  13. Turkey in the Straw - G
  14. Whiskey Before Breakfast - D
  15. Redwing - G
  16. Marching through Georgia - G
  17. Petronella - D
  18. Road to Boston - D
  19. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine - D
  20. Sugar in the Gourd - A
  21. Ruffled Drawers - D
  22. Texas Gals - C
  23. St. Anne's Reel - D
  24. Possum's Tail is Bare - D
  25. Kitchen Girl - Amix/Ador
  26. Breaking up Christmas - A

My pick for tonight has got to be "Folding Down the Sheets", key of D.
Here's Guy Wolf playing Folding Down the Sheets first in the key of G
but jump to 2:10 to hear the tune in D.
Rayna Gellert has a wonderful fiddle version of this tune & others played fast and slow HERE.

Nov 19, 2016

Greasy Coat

I don't drink & I don't smoke, I don't wear no greasy coat.
I don't spit & I don't chew and I don't go with boys that do.
I don't cheat & I don't lie, With a boy like you I'd give it a try.
I don't kiss & I don't tell, And all you sinners are going to hell.
Tell the preacher, tell the pope, That I don't wear a greasy coat.

 It doesn't get much better than this!

"GREASY COAT. AKA and see "Old Greasy Coat." Old-Time, Breakdown. USA, West Virginia. A Dorian. Standard or AEae (Edden Hammons) tunings (fiddle). ABCC. There are several meanings for the term 'greasy coat.' It said to have been an old-time euphemism for a condom (although verification of this in the literature is wanting), but it has also been suggested the term refers to an unwashed fleece (i.e. still retaining the lanolin), and a Confederate soldiers coat, worn, greasy and dirty from overuse.  The tune was recorded from the playing of Webster County, West Virginia, fiddler Edden Hammons (1876-1955) in 1947, collected by Louis Chappell."

Nov 9, 2016

Sugar Hill

Five cents in my pocket change, two dollars in my bill;
If I had ten dollars more I'd climb old Sugar Hill.

Jaybird and the sparrow hawk, they had a fight together,
They took all around the briar patch, went to it down to a feather. 

If I hadn't no horse to ride, I'd be found a‑walkin',
Up and down old Toenail Gap, you can hear that gal talkin'.

Some verses according to Sandy Patton, "Chicago folksinger/banjoist used these "floating verses" when he recorded "Sugar Hill" for Folk-Legacy."

You want to get your eye knocked out, You want to get your fill,
You want to get your eye knocked out, Go to Sugar Hill.

Get a lonesome farmer, gal, I want a drink of rye;
I'm a-going to Sugar Hill, Or know the reason why.

Possum on the rail fence, Looking at the sun;
Hound dog coming down the road, Possum better run.

Possum up the 'simmon tree, Raccoon on the ground;
Possum up the 'simmon tree, Shaking 'simmons down.

Fourteen miles of mountain road, Fifteen miles of sand;
If ever I travel this road again, I'll be a married man.

Get your banjo off the wall,, Grab your fiddle, Bill;
Hitch the horses to the sleigh, We're going to Sugar Hill.

Well, I don't want no drover gal, Drives a four horse team;
All I want's a pretty little girl, Turns her wheels by steam.

Here's a great fiddle tutorial from Matt Brown!