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Apr 5, 2018

Tune List from April 3rd

  1. Amelia, D
  2. Angeline the Baker, D
  3. Arkansas Traveler, D
  4. Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap, Amix
  5. Cold Frosty, Amix
  6. Cowboy's Dream, D
  7. Down Yonder, D
  8. Flop Eared Mule, D/A
  9. Golden Slippers, G
  10. Grandfather's Clock, G
  11. Grasshopper Sittin' On a Sweet Potato Vine, D
  12. Jenny Get Around, D
  13. Kitchen Girl, Amix/Ador
  14. Mississippi Sawyer, D
  15. Morpeth Rant, D
  16. New Five Cents, D
  17. Old French, D/A
  18. Old Joe Clark, A
  19. Over the Waterfall, D
  20. Petronella, D
  21. Pretty Little Dog, 
  22. Quince Dillon's High D - D
  23. Sandy River Belle, G
  24. Seneca Square Dance, G
  25. Shove the Pigs Foot, G
  26. Soldier's Joy, D
  27. Staten Island, D
  28. Whiskey Before Breakfast, D
  29. Yellow Barber, D

Apr 1, 2018

What tunes are played at the Pine Loft?

That's often a question that gets asked and I'm going to suggest some well known tunes to start with.  You can't go wrong learning any of these, it was so hard to limit them to 30!
  1. Angeline the Baker, D
  2. Arkansas Traveler, D
  3. Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap, Amix
  4. Cluck Old Hen, Amod
  5. Cold Frosty, Amix
  6. Colored Aristocracy, G
  7. Flop Eared Mule, D/A
  8. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, D
  9. Folding Down the Sheets, D
  10. Golden Slippers, G
  11. June Apple, A
  12. Kitchen Girl, Amix/Ador
  13. Mississippi Sawyer, D
  14. Old Joe Clark, A
  15. Over the Waterfall, D
  16. Petronella, D
  17. Possum's Tail is Bare, D
  18. Quince Dillon's High D - D
  19. Red Wing, G
  20. Rock the Cradle Joe, D
  21. Ruffled Drawers, D
  22. Sandy Boys, A
  23. Seneca Square Dance, G
  24. Shove the Pigs Foot, G
  25. Soldier's Joy, D
  26. Staten Island, D
  27. Turkey in the Straw, D
  28. Valley Forge, D
  29. West Fork Gals, D
  30. Whiskey Before Breakfast, D