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Feb 7, 2013

Jam/Community Dance on Feb. 23rd

UPDATE: Yes, we're still on for today. Drive carefully!

Greetings to all! We are having a jam/family barn dance at The Sounding Board Coffeehouse, (at The Universalist Church) 433 Fern Street in West Hartford on Saturday, February 23rd.

We will jam from 4 - 6 pm and then from 7 - 9 (or maybe (9:30) we'll play for an old fashioned family barn dance called by Patricia Campbell. It would be great if the musicians stay and play for the dance . . . or just dance!

Here's some common tunes we'll play. Other tune suggestions are welcome, just leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.  We may play these as a set or just use one, depending on the caller's preference.  Check back as I'll be updating this list.

Here's a link to the chords and notation if you must. Traditional tunes can be played many ways, with many variations, and different chords, so keep this in mind. Every tune can be simplified if you're a novice player, there's no reason why everyone can't join in. That's what this music is about; to be shared with friends and have fun playing it! I may not play these tunes exactly as written.  (Please don't send me an e-mail saying "That's not how I learned it", "My teacher plays it differently", "I can't play the F#m chord", "I don't like this tune", etc.  Send me money instead!)

Angeline the Baker (D)  - Over the Waterfall (D)
Arkansas Traveler (D) – Mississippi Sawyer (D)
Cold Frosty Morning (Am) – Pretty Little Dog (A-modal)
Colored Aristocracy (G) - Turkey in the Straw (G)
Devil Ate the Groundhog (G) - Squirrel Heads & Gravy (G)
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (D) - Grey Cat on a Tennessee Farm (D)
Goodby Girls I’m Going to Boston (A) - Greasy Coat (A) - Cherokee Shuffle (A)
Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine (D) - West Fork Gals (D)
Horse & Buggy (A) - June Apple (Amix) - Kitchen Girl (Amix/Adorian)
Little Liza Jane (A) - Sandy Boys (A)                  
Sadie at the Back Door (D) - Rock the Cradle Joe (D)
Sandy (My Little Dog He Won't Bite Me) (D) - Flop Eared Mule (D/A)
Seneca Square Dance (G) - Possum's Tail is Bare (D)
Walkin' in My Sleep (G) - Shove the Pigs Foot (G)
Cowboy Waltz (D),  Midnight on the Water (D)

(caller's requests - Janet & I can play these and any other tunes that Patricia might need)
LaBastringue (D) (mixer dance)
Harvest Home (D) - Boys of Blue Hill (D)
Jenny Lind Polka (D) (heel and toe dance)
Sasha (F/D)

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