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Jun 5, 2013

Little Dutch Girl

Quote below from The Fiddler's Companion:
"Old-time, Breakdown. USA, Missouri. A Major (Beisswenger & McCann): G Major (Phillips). Standard tuning. AB (Silberberg): AABB (Beissenger & McCann, Phillips).  According to Drew Beisswenger (2008), both source Earl Collins and Missouri fiddler Bob Holt heard the tune played in Douglas County, Mo., when they were young. This is the second “Little Dutch Girl” tune associated with the Collins family; however, Marion Thede did include this melody in The Fiddle Book (1967, collected from Oklahoma fiddler Joe Wilsie) albeit under the title “Liza Jane No. 3,” perhaps because these lyrics are associated with it:

I’ll go down the new cut road,
And Liza down the lane;
I’ll throw my hat in the corner fence,
And scare poor Liza Jane.

 Mike Compton and Joe Newberry with Rafe Stefanini - Little Dutch Girl

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