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Nov 9, 2016

Sugar Hill

Five cents in my pocket change, two dollars in my bill;
If I had ten dollars more I'd climb old Sugar Hill.

Jaybird and the sparrow hawk, they had a fight together,
They took all around the briar patch, went to it down to a feather. 

If I hadn't no horse to ride, I'd be found a‑walkin',
Up and down old Toenail Gap, you can hear that gal talkin'.

Some verses according to Sandy Patton, "Chicago folksinger/banjoist used these "floating verses" when he recorded "Sugar Hill" for Folk-Legacy."

You want to get your eye knocked out, You want to get your fill,
You want to get your eye knocked out, Go to Sugar Hill.

Get a lonesome farmer, gal, I want a drink of rye;
I'm a-going to Sugar Hill, Or know the reason why.

Possum on the rail fence, Looking at the sun;
Hound dog coming down the road, Possum better run.

Possum up the 'simmon tree, Raccoon on the ground;
Possum up the 'simmon tree, Shaking 'simmons down.

Fourteen miles of mountain road, Fifteen miles of sand;
If ever I travel this road again, I'll be a married man.

Get your banjo off the wall,, Grab your fiddle, Bill;
Hitch the horses to the sleigh, We're going to Sugar Hill.

Well, I don't want no drover gal, Drives a four horse team;
All I want's a pretty little girl, Turns her wheels by steam.

Here's a great fiddle tutorial from Matt Brown!

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